Rino Bellocco, D.Sc.
Professor in Medical Statistics

Department of Statistics and
Quantitative Methods
University of Milano-Bicocca
Via Bicocca degli Arcimboldi 8,
U7, 20126 Milan, Italy
Tel: +39 02 64485831
[email protected]

Department of Medical
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Karolinska Institutet

Tel: +46-8-5248 6183
[email protected]


Laurea, University of Rome, La Sapienza, Rome 1989
M.Sc., Harvard School of Public Health, Boston 1995
D.Sc., Harvard School of Public Health, Boston 1998

Summer School

Summer School in Modern Methods on
Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Previous and Current research
My interest in applying statistical methods in the medical research field started with the study of the epidemiology of HIV infection and AIDS. The statistical problem was to estimate the current HIV incidence and prevalence, based on the observed temporal distribution of AIDS cases. This problem is known in other scientific settings, under the statistical common term of ill-posed conditions. Statistical models, mainly an extension of Generalize Linear Models, and smoothing splines techniques were proposed and applied both to Italian and American Data.

My interest moved towards cancer epidemiology and other chronic diseases after I joined to Karolinska Institutet. I have been mainly involved in etiology research and the role of lifestyle factors on chronic conditions, by using the invaluable data from the Swedish population based registries. I had been working on statistical analysis of both case-control and cohort studies to assess the possible causal effects of well-defined risk factors on both cancer incidence and death.
I have been involved in analyzing longitudinal data, discrete and continuous, where both exposure and outcome have been measured repeatedly over time. Among many, I have been studying risk factors for breast cancer, prostate cancer , and ovarian cancer.

Since 2005, I have been involved in the statistical analysis of the Swedish National March Cohort, based on almost 50,000 individuals who were enrolled during the cancer day in septembe 1997 organized by the Karolinska Institutet and the Swedish Cancer Agency.

In 2006 I moved to Italy and I was appointed as an Associate Professor in Medical Statistics at the University of Milano-Bicocca. I had since then deeply involved with both undergraduate and graduate teaching, in addition to administrative duties. I had continued being affiliated with the Karolinska Institutet, and I had boosted the interaction between the two institutions, through an intense a continuous exchange of students and faculties.
My current research topics focus on causal inference in observational studies, having the opportunity to interact with Dr. Hernan and Dr. Rotnizky.

I am currently the coordinator of the Italian Working Group on Causal Inference (ICE), together with Dr.Richiardi from the University of Turin.

I became professor in Medical Statistics on October 1th, 2016.